Leadership development for talented female senior associates.

International Women Leadership Programme 2018 **

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Leadership development for talented female senior associates.

Ook interessant voor:
Advocaat, Bedrijfsjurist, Fiscalist
Aantal punten:
NOvA 30 NJ (PO)
Prijs: € 5.395,-
(excl. btw)
  • Met veel aandacht voor de actualiteit en toegesneden op de juridische praktijk!
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Leadership development for women in law
Investing in high potential lawyers is a top priority for law firms. It makes sure their talented employees develop the qualities they need to become successful lawyers or partners.

OSR Legal Education has developed a unique International Women Leadership Programme (IWLP) in close cooperation with the best law firms of Europe. This programme is linked to daily practice and gives participants the opportunity to create their own effective network. The main focus of the programme is career development for women in the legal profession.

Enrollment for next years programme starts in December 2017, the programme itself will take place in 2018 in Amsterdam, Milan and Stockholm!

This leadership programme is developed by expert trainers. Amongst them:

- mrs. P.M. de Vilder MSSc, senior trainer and organisational psychologist
- mrs. A.M. Coelingh Bennink MSSc, senior trainer and organisation psychologist
- mrs. M. van Deursen LLM, business mediator, legal coach and trainer
- mrs. J. Prijs LLM, executive coach and director Franklin Covey Institute The Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg

More information
For more information please contact our Legal Education Manager Carolien Kattenpoel Oude Heerink, Kattenpoel@osr.nl or Project coordinator Jacqueline van Hofwegen-Batenburg, vanhofwegen@osr.nl.

Participant responses

- ‘Excellent training in terms of identifying habits and receiving tools to work on those habits so you can develop your skills in order to become a good and effective partner and leader.’
- ‘The course has exceeded my expectations.’
- ‘I really appreciated the topics discussed!’
- ‘I gained a deeper understanding of the necessity in being able to prioritise and to be self-confident.’
- ‘The training and trainer were fantastic!’
- ‘I recently got very good feedback from my boss who "blamed" my progress on the leadership programme. The sessions have been very helpful and I tried to adopt as many things as possible. And it worked:) Thank you!’
- ‘I learned that good leaders aren't necessarily born, leadership requires work.’



The programme consists of three two-day meetings.

Meeting 1: Leadership introduction & awareness
On the two days of the first meeting the subjects will be covering the triangle of Person - Role - System

- Person: Self Awareness of drivers and values regarding work.
- Role: Insight in Partner/Leadership Profile. Insight in leadership drivers and management styles.
- System: Insight in and awareness of organizational cultures in law firms. (Un)written rules of making career in law firms. PowerMap, map of influence within your firm.
- Exchanging experiences and exploring career and leadership questions with female colleagues.

Meeting 2: Leadership 2.0
On the two days of the second meeting the subject will be:

- Leadership development
- Personal branding & visibility
- Visionary leadership and long-term thinking within the legal profession
- Entrepreneurship, business development & opportunities
- Let’s make it work: the next step upwards

Meeting 3: Effective leadership & management
On the two days of the third meeting the subjects will be:

- Assessment & awareness of leadership qualities
- (Human Resource) Management and successful leadership in law firms
- Personal effectiveness & planning as a lawyer
- High level negotiation
- Empower and inspire as successful lawyer and leader (both personally and for the firm)



Voor meer informatie kun je contact opnemen met Jacqueline van Hofwegen - Batenburg.