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Masterclass Legal English **
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Masterclass Legal English **


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8,7 Cursisten beoordeling
8,7 Cursisten beoordeling

€ 625,- (excl. btw)

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  • Met veel aandacht voor de actualiteit en toegesneden op de juridische praktijk!
Informatie "Steengoed of steenkool?"
An introduction to Mastering Legal English

In this unique legal English programme, you will have a day-long training session with an experienced English-speaking lawyer-linguist. He will provide specific personal feedback on your speaking and writing skills. The training will be in the form of speaking exercise(s), feedback on a submitted writing sample, explanations on various language points, short exercises, Q&A, and discussion. The themes discussed may (depending on the group) include language conventions, vocabulary and terminology, common Dutchisms, grammar, verb tenses, sentence structure and style, expressing obligations, entitlements and conditions, and more.

Training goals
• Assess your level of English (CEFR score).
• Assess your legal English levels and what you need to work on in the future.
• Receive lawyer-to-lawyer personal feedback.
• Q&A with an English-speaking lawyer-linguist with expertise in legal English and legal drafting.
• Find out some of the mistakes you are making when you speak and write in English.
• A sample of your legal English writing will be carefully reviewed by an expert and commented on.
• Learn some of the writing mistakes made by your class when it comes to (1) common Dutchisms, (2) conventions, (3) vocabulary and legal terminology, (4) verb tenses and other grammar, (5) sentence structure, (6) style and (7) expressing obligations, entitlements and conditions.
• Practice speaking (legal) English.
• Learn what areas you need to work on for the future.

What participants say about this Masterclass:
‘’De trainer was uitstekend. Hij was duidelijk in zijn uitleg en haalde waar nodig goed praktijkvoorbeelden aan. Ook de locatie was piekfijn in orde. De faciliteiten waren goed geregeld en het personeel was zeer vriendelijk.''

''The teacher was excellent. He is clearly well experienced in the subject matter in teaching course participants. The hand-outs and supporting documentation are particularly useful and are – by far – the best materials I’ve ever received during courses.''

''Perfecte trainer, goed voorbereid en prettige sfeer gecreëerd. Handige tools uitgereikt tijdens de cursus voor een goede toepassing in de praktijk.''

''Uitstekend. Goede kundige docent, toegespitst op de praktijk.''

You will be able to discuss any language issue with the trainer as we only allow a maximum of 10 participants.The programme is delivered by an excellent lawyer-linguist who has trained lawyers in the Netherlands for 20 years.

List of course materials:

• Corrected writing sample (a few pages)
• Mastering Legal English (a 400-page desktop reference book)
• Various handouts relating to the mistakes made by the participants
• A small booklet for the speaking exercise(s).
mr. Greg Korbee (Juris Fluence)
mr. Greg Korbee (Juris Fluence)
Lawyer-Linguist / Legal Trainer
Engelstalige juridische teksten en overeenkomsten

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