An inspiring leadership programme for talented senior associates with the potential to be partner.

International Women Leadership Programme

Invest in high potential legal talents

The future of law firms is most promising when lawyers use all of their (leadership) skills, visioning abilities and creative thinking to help clients move successfully forward in their business. In attunement with the new and demanding legal world, lawyers must develop new ways of thinking and problem solving. They must work across borders and boundaries with diverse people and teams. This requires self-awareness, the ability to take initiative and handle difficult situations and the capacity to develop and maintain relationships with clients and colleagues.

During this intensive leadership programme participants will gain insight into personal and firm related leadership challenges focussing on developing various leadership skills:

personal skills (such as self-awareness, self-control, self-direction) interpersonal skills (social awareness, empathy, persuasion, conflict management, EQ, cross-cultural awareness) vision (entrepreneurship, visionary, inspirational leadership, innovative and creative thinking skills)

“The programme makes us aware of being in charge of our own decisions and career paths. That we should always speak up.”

What will be my next step?

An inspiring leadership programme for talented senior associates with the potential to be partner. The International Women Leadership Programme offers training and insight, so that you can take your next career step with confidence and continue to fascinate and bind clients and coworkers.

A high-end programme for up to 12 talented female senior associates who want to make conscious career choices and want to boost their (personal) leadership. 

​For more information, please call +31 (0) 30 231 53 14 or download the brochure. In the brochure you will find more information about the modules, topics to be covered, etc. When the final planning details have been completed, we will update this brochure again. For the most updated information please contact our Legal Education Manager Carolien Kattenpoel Oude Heerink, Carolien.Kattenpoel@osr.nl

Background information

OSR legal education was established nearly 40 years ago and is the largest post-academic legal education institute in the Netherlands. We started the first edition of the national Women Leadership. Programme (WLP) in 2006 in close cooperation with the top 20 law firms in the Netherlands. The WLP was developed specifically for high potential women lawyers with 6 - 16 years experience at the top of the Dutch legal profession. The enthusiastic responses of the participants inspired us to develop an international version of our programme: in 2008 the IWLP was born.

“An excellent programme! I gained further insight into my abilities, which also increased my self-confidence.”

The best law firms participate

This programme was developed in close cooperation with the best law firms of Europe. Board members of these law firms continue to have an important role in the programme. This ensures that the programme is linked to daily practice and that participants and their firms have the opportunity to create their own effective network. Participants will be challenged with new ideas, receive individual feedback, and enjoy a supportive forum in which diverse issues are shared to facilitate cross-learning. More than 150 talented lawyers completed our programme. “I learned that good leaders aren’t necessarily ‘born’. Leadership requires work.”

Topics that will arise:

  • Which career steps would I like to make?
  • How can I become a more powerful & visible lawyer?
  • Which leadership skills do I want to develop further?
  • How do I become skilled at the game of crafting a career and learnhow to play the game successfully?
  • How do I utilise my (emotional) intelligence, support growth formy (future) team and build a valuable and respected business
  • How can I position and profile myself within my firm, in my sectionand in relation to senior partners?
  • How do I prioritise and focus on my goals in a hectic law practice?

“Not only did I learn a lot (including that bright red nails do not get me fired - at least not straight away ;-)), the positive and empowering vibe of all sessions gave me an ego boost and newfound energy to strive for the partnership.”

Interview Vivian Lee

Recently we interviewed Vivian Lee, Senior associate at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, about her experiences in the IWLP. Read the interview with Vivian Lee.

Applications & contact information

Download the brochure here.

More information? Call us on: +31 (0)30 231 53 14 or send us an e-mail to info@osr.nl. We are happy to help you!
Carolien Kattenpoel Oude Heerink
Programme Manager and founder of IWLP